Jane Angelhart


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My DVD is also available through Creative Catalyst Productions.  Click here to see a clip of the DVD and their information.

This DVD is 90 minutes long, and shows the development of a painting from beginning to end. A constant narrative on topics as varied as color, commission, and inspiration gives you an insight into the mind of the artist as she paints. In addition to the demo, there are exercises to explore the quality of each pigment, and a discussion of materials.

Email me at   jangelhart@gmail.com and I will mail you one pronto.

The cost is $39.95 plus $3.00 shipping

Daniel Smith quinacrodone gold

Daniel Smith quinacrodone burnt orange

Daniel Smith quinacrodone coral

Daniel Smith quinacrodone pink

Holbein permanent yellow orange

Daniel Smith perinone orange

Daniel Smith antriquinone red 

or aliz crimson permanent

permanent red

Holbein olive green

Holbein permanent green #1

cobalt violet

indanthrene blue

ultramarine blue

cobalt blue

diox purple

cobalt turquoise light

thalo green

​Maimeri Bleu yellowish green